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3 Biggest Probate Mistakes

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Mistake 1

Moving Too Fast

Going through probate may not even be necessary, but if you jump into the process too soon, you may end up with unforeseen issues. We'll go over why moving too fast might be detrimental and costly to the estate.

Mistake 2

Treating Family Like Family

Executors often get pulled between doing what the law requires and responding to the demands of family or other beneficiaries. Taking care of an estate must be done properly to avoid making mistakes. Acting out of emotion or without knowing the rules can lead to extra expense and conflict. 

Mistake 3

Moving Too Slow

There are many steps in handling an estate and they must be done in the right order and in the right time. We'll talk about how procrastinating can create problems or miss opportunities some of which can never be fixed.
About Your Host
Life happens. Plan on it.™
Geneva served as a circuit court law clerk her first year after law school. In 2007 she began her work in private practice and from the very beginning her interest and expertise has been estate planning and probate and trust administration. “It’s very satisfying helping individuals and families plan for or live through life’s transitions. These are tender issues to be sure, but the appreciation is well worth it – I’m an attorney who gets hugs from clients!” She started Promise Law in September 2014.

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